Anthony Whishaw RA
Works on Paper

An exclusive sale of original works on paper to support the publication of a new book.

Beam Editions is proud to announce a new book for 2020, the first comprehensive overview of over 60 years of drawings and works on paper by the British artist Anthony Whishaw RA.

A Royal Academician and an exceptional draftsman, Whishaw’s command of the drawn line belongs to an increasingly rare generation of artists for whom rigour and discipline is central to their practice.

Beam Editions has worked alongside Anthony and his daughter Zoe to make a selection of works available for sale. Sales will support the publishing of the book. We aim to raise £12,000.

This is a rare opportunity to support this exceptional British artist and purchase works directly from the artist himself. This is an exclusive and limited offer available to invited parties prior to a public Kickstarter campaign in September 2019.

Purchase a work on paper to support the book before 15 September 2019

A cloth bound hardback book, exact design details may change during the publishing process.

A cloth bound hardback book, exact design details may change during the publishing process.

Whishaw at 90 at The Royal Academy of Arts

Published to coincide with his 90th Birthday and a forthcoming exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts in February 2020, the book is a survey of Whishaw’s most important works on paper exploring abstract, representational and figurative approaches.

This extensively illustrated 100 page book will depict the artist’s many preoccupations and interests: from his early work with studio models, his experiences and memories of the Spanish landscape and culture, through to interiors, people, nature and more. The book includes an essay by Royal Academy author Richard Davey.

Purchase a drawing and experience the studio. (See all available works below)

Anyone wishing to purchase a work will be invited to do so at Whishaw’s studio where he has worked for more than 60 years. Anthony Whishaw is perhaps one of the last remaining artists in the Kensington and Chelsea area, once a thriving hub for artists in London so it’s a great opportunity to meet the artist and get a rare glimpse into the artist’s place of work.

If you are unable to make it to the studio we’d be happy to arrange a delivery. All purchases of artwork will include a signed copy of the book.

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Works available for sale

Most works are unframed and some larger works are framed, enquire for more details.


Seated I, 1963
23 x 18.5 cm


Resting, 1963
21 x 19.5 cm


Two Models Posing, 2008
25 x 19 cm
£950 + VAT


Friend, 1993
38 x 28.5 cm
£1300 + VAT


Small Group Conversation, 1959
13 x 21.5 cm


Crossed Arms and Legs, 1971
28 x 19 cm
£650 + VAT (sold)


Seated Woman III, 1990
28 x 40 cm
£1600 + VAT


Naked Seated Woman, 1998
51 x 69 cm
£3100 + VAT


Interior With Figures, 1993–4
28 x 35 cm
£1550 + VAT

7 Anthony Whishaw Group Disintegrating.jpg

Group Disintegrating, 1967
16 x 50 cm


Mother Watching Daughter, 1992
29 x 40 cm
£1400 + VAT


Spanish Village, 1961
11 x 17.5 cm
 £600 (sold)


Grazalema, 1960
13 x 21.5 cm


Medina Sidonia, 1961
11.5 x 18 cm


Nearly an Interior, 1998–2001
27.5 x 38 cm
£1450 + VAT


Reflection, 1987–88
42 x 61 cm
£2850 + VAT


Landscape Doodle, 1978
28.5 x 39 cm
£1450 + VAT (Sold)


Driving into the Storm, 2017–19
43 x 57 cm
£2750 + VAT


Interior With Cactus, 1988–90
34 x 48 cm
£1800 + VAT


Multiple Interiors, 2006–17
58 x 64.5 cm
£3200 + VAT


Cow About To Roll Over, 1960
11 x 17.5 cm


Cow Rolling Over, 1960
11 x 17.5 cm


Swooping Bird, 1986-87
133 x 100 cm
£6800 + VAT


Hillside With Trees, 2011–2016
35 x 42.5 cm
£1850 + VAT