Act 1 & 2 by Alison Lloyd

Act 1 & 2 by Alison Lloyd


Act 1 & 2 acts as a duet of scenes. Lloyds investigation of walking runs central to the publication.

Act 1 contains photographs documenting herself walking in which Dr Cathy Turner looks at her walks as if they were dance. It also looks into the correlation between place and person, and its relationship to the history of artists using walking as a art practice.

Act 2 relates to the previous mentioned areas of research but the event here is closure. It directly documents the last day that the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art were to be open before having to leave there offices and gallery space, both a reflection of closure and the act of walking an empty gallery.

This booklet is perfect for anyone who enjoys the pleasures of walking, dance or art.

19 Pages, 9 Images
Softback, 3-fold cover, speciality papers throughout.
170 x 240mm


Published by Beam Editions
ISBN 978-1-9164200-1-4
1st Edition 2018


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