An Essential Disorientation by John Newling

An Essential Disorientation by John Newling


Commissioned by the Polish Museum of Contemporary Sacred Art and published by SARP this book is an investigation into sacredness and its relation to contemporary art. In it New guides his thoughts through a series of cartographic thoughts that map his sense of Sacredness in relation to contemporary art and all our lives. In the book Newling specifically reflects on the Liminal and the Sacred, Place and Sacredness, Value and Sacredness, Engines of Sacredness, and Nature, Sacredness and Us.

Newling writes “at a time when many ideologies have all but blown themselves out; when meaning seems to have become meaningless in a strangely nihilistic void; when, in our sophistication, we find as our ancestors did that we are fearful of the unpredictability of nature; when knowledge as causality seems to become increasingly predetermined; it seems appropriate to review the relationship we have with nature as a sacred process”

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158 Pages, 31 Images
Hardback, dust jacket, speciality papers throughout.
145 x 222mm

English, Polish

Published by SARP
ISBN 978-83-922964-0-9
1st Edition 2007


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