Dear Nature, by John Newling

Dear Nature, by John Newling


In 2018 artist John Newling spent 81 consecutive days writing letters to Nature. The letters echo a series of letters to a loved one but with the voice of humanity attempting to come to terms with its relationship to nature.

The letters take you on a journey through the history of agriculture, economics, religion and capitalism to the present day. Newling describes the values that have underpinned human endeavour and shaped our world.

But most importantly, Dear Nature describes that which all humans with a conscience, deep down must feel right now about nature.

This books offers a new mind state of mind for the future, rooted in balance and respect.

Find out more about John Newling here

70 Pages, 30 Images
Hardback, debossed foiled cover, speciality papers throughout.
195 x 256mm


Published by Beam Editions
ISBN 978-1-9164200-3-8
1st Edition 2018

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