(detail) by Transition Editions

(detail) by Transition Editions


(detail) was published on the occasion of an innovative new exhibition that features the work of 118 international artists, who each selected a close-up from one of their paintings. These details are printed and displayed together to give both a tantalising glimpse into the artworks, and creates a huge collage of images. The exhibition was first presented at H-Project Space in Bangkok, before being reconfigured at Transition Gallery in London and The Usher Gallery in Lincoln.

(detail) features a wide range of painters, from the well-established to recently graduated; their work encompasses abstraction, landscape, figurative, expanded field and conceptually driven practices; and features a full variety of paint mediums, including oil, gouache, watercolour, acrylic, ink and pigmented silicone.

The book features essays by the curator, Andrew Bracey. This book is an ideal opportunity to look at the detail of painting, a survey of strokes and a catalogue of contemporary painters. This is a perfect way to see paintings in ways that you may not have considered before.

172 Pages, 100 Images
Softback, embossed cover
55 x 232mm


Published by Transition Editions
ISBN 978-0-9568814-3-4
1st Edition 2014


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The exhibition’s curator Andrew Bracey explains:

‘In the studio I have found my own relationship to working on a painting is up close to it, with only occasional glimpses of the whole as I step back. This focus on this particular painter’s viewpoint of the painting provoked the idea for this exhibition. This exhibition is an attempt to bring this studio mentality to the gallery. There is a power in the detail, it offers up fresh possibilities for viewing painting.’