See Here – The Old Auction house

See Here – The Old Auction house


In 2018 curatorial group Quarry Lab organised a group exhibition of 21 artists from the UK, Europe and the Commonwealth. Presented in an former auction house and ex-industrial space, the show explored key themes of place making through migration and the exchange of cultural ideas.

The show included sculpture, painting, photography and film, live music, theatre performances and lectures many of which were a direct response to the theme of a former auction house. A key motivation for the exhibition is direct response to the slow erosion in recent times of ideals that have promoted genuine change across societies and cultures. The ‘spaces’ in which people have fought for equality and civil rights have increasingly come under attack and have been shut down and See Here exhibition was a focus for exploring these issues and future actions.

The book includes 41 images of artworks and a photographic essay by photographer James Gardiner that explores the dilapidated victorian building in transition which stands a metaphor for the many of themes See Here explores.

With Written contributions from curator and writer Mark Rawlinson and Roy Pickering and works by Beverley Bennet, Matthew Chesney, Thiebault Delfiere, Trudi Entwistle, Sardul Gill, Paul Harraway, Andy Harris, Carole Hawthorne, Katja Hock, Jim Jack, Bill Ming, Nadia Ming, Mwini Mutujku, DIckens G Otieno, Demi Overton, Josie Perry, Richard Perry, Roy Pickering, Mark Rawlinson and Gurminder Sikand.

54 Pages, 41 Images
205 x 250mm


Published by Quarrylab
ISBN 978-1-9996475-2-0
1st Edition 2018


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