The Lemon Tree & Me by John Newling

The Lemon Tree & Me by John Newling


The Lemon Tree and Me, a project that developed over 688 days of learning and reflection. From John Newling’s Perspective:

The Lemon Tree and Me is an account of an intense period of time between March 2009 and February 2011. It records the relationship between the lemon tree and me; a relationship of meaning and materiality that constructed, cultivated and reviewed a poetics of responsibility. It was a relationship that advocated an intelligent ecology based on values that are immanent in the complex workings of nature. Between ethics, ecology and aesthetics The Lemon Tree & Me finds a new ground in a generative programme of intensive care to influence our responsibilities as gardeners of the public domain.

If you’d like an insight to John Newling’s work, this book combines both a reflective and informative look into his process, as the artist has said “It is text that has informed many of my recent and current works”.  

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112 Pages, 9 Images
Hardback, clothbound, tipped in images, debossed cover and spine, speciality papers throughout.
142 x 214mm


Published by JBN Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9542484-1-3
1st Edition 2015


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