Equilibrio at San Giorgio, Maggiore, Venice


We’re pleased to announce the launch of our latest book,  Equilibrio. Linda Karshan – Art, Architecture and Sacred Geometry in conversation by Richard Davey with contributions from Carmelo Grasso and Elisabetta Bresciani. 

The book has been produced on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name at the world famous Chiesa San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice. 

The island of San Giorgio is one of the most iconic locations in Venice. Lying opposite Palazzo San Marco, San Giorgio has been a monastic site since 982. The island is best known for the gleaming white Chiesa San Giorgio designed around 1566 by Andrea Palladio; one of Venice’s most important architects and considered to be one of the most influential individuals in the history of architecture. 

Equilibrio is not an exhibition catalogue, but an extension of the exhibition concept itself. The book comprise a photographic essay of Venice which helps to connect the sacred geometry of the city to the ‘grid and line’ explorations synonymous in Karshan’s work. 

Writer Richard Davey brings a poetic interpretation to the exhibition and the book, his compelling essay moves you through iconic venetian geometry, hidden details from past civilisations, ancient manuscripts and then to the minimal explorations of Karshan’s work. 

Davey demonstrates that hundreds of years may separate the great artists and architects of Venice from Karshan’s contemporary drawings, but making a mark and exploring a line is a profoundly human action that transcends time. Davey’s easy writing style and poetic turn of phrase effortlessly connects ideas and points of inspiration that helps you to see so much more in Venice and the work of Linda Karshan. 

If you’ve been to Venice, or always wanted to, then this book will take you back there or make you go there. Like the city, Equilibrio is a true source of inspiration

jonathan casciani