Sunday 19 May - Equilibrio Book launch and screenings at Draw Art Fair - Saatchi Gallery, London

Linda Karshan Drawing

Sunday May 19 4-5pm,
Draw Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery
Beam Editions in association with The Redfern Gallery

Book Launch:

Equilibrio - Linda Karshan: Art, Architecture and Sacred Geometry in conversation

Including an interview with the artist by author Richard Davey.

In the summer of 2018 Linda Karshan exhibited at the Abbazia San Giorgio Maggiore Venice,the iconic 1000 year old monastery that lies in the centre of the city’s lagoon.

This new book captures the essence of the exhibition presenting Karshan’s drawings alongside a photo essay of the city’s sacred geometry. Richard Davey’s writing creates a ‘conversation’ that allows the reader to see the connections between contemporary drawing and the legacy of art and architecture in this mesmerising city.

Film Screenings

Alongside the book launch there will be a background screening of the films ‘Silhouette in Balance’ by Marco Agostinelli and ‘Linda's Room’ by Ishmael Annobil, the first in a series of walked drawing performances, both created at Abbazia San Giorgio Maggiore.

Catalogue launch

The Library for L'Aquila by Linda Karshan

We will also be presenting the new catalogue for Karshan’s recent show, ‘The Library for L’Aquila’- a permanent installation of Karshan’s ’SOUNDINGS’ work, installed in the iconic library in the Italian city devastated by an earthquake in 2009.

Linda Karshan: Retrospective Drawings - 1992-2019, Book Launch and film screenings

The Redfern Gallery at Draw Art Fair - Saatchi Gallery

17 – 19 May

The first drawing by Linda Karshan to enter the British Museum was purchased from The Redfern Gallery in 1994. 25 years later, we are delighted to present a retrospective selection of her drawings from 1992-2019, proving her natural progression from graphic to performative drawing action. That 'drawing action' is now played out in space--in rooms and places selected for their resonance with her cultural journey. These new, walked drawings have been conceived, and filmed, in collaboration with Ishmael Annobil. In several of them the sound has been recorded to highlight the importance of sonic elements in Karshan's work.

Guided by what she calls her “inner choreography,” Karshan makes spare, monochromatic, abstract prints and drawings that serve as direct reflections of the process of their making. Though she began her career producing expressive compositions, in 1994 she developed a performance-based method for making work, in which every mark is associated with her rhythmic and regulated breathing, her counter-clockwise turning of the paper, the motion of her entire body, and the musical way in which she counts off increments of time. Karshan’s method results in iterative images of intersecting lines, forming grids, geometric shapes and patterns, and, sometimes, ordered yet loosely scribbled marks repeating across the page.

The Redfern Gallery was founded in September 1923 on the top floor of Redfern House at 27 Old Bond Street, London, as a small artists' cooperative. It is now one of the longest-established galleries of Modern British and Contemporary art in London.

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