Launches at LA Art Book Fair

Beam Editions at the LA Art Book Fair

The controversies of the arms trade, the environmental crisis, using art as meditation and ‘slow looking’ are some of the subjects tackled this year by Beam Editions.

We will be launching three new books at the LA Art Book Fair this week and a back catalogue of publications that frequently tackle global issues and values by which our society is built upon.

Launching at the LA Art Book Fair:

Etiquette of the Arms Trade - Undercover Drawings

The first collection of drawings by Artist Jill Gibbon from a period of 10 years of secretly drawing at the world's most lethal Arms Trade shows. Working undercover Gibbon exposes the veil of respectability that shrouds the global arms trade. New tanks are launched with a fashion show, string quartets and champagne oil the cogs of global arms deals and women are used as ‘eye candy’ to attract buyers to the instruments of war.

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Friday 12, stand MO2 6pm.

Dear Nature - 81 Letters to Nature by John Newling

In 2018 artist John Newling spent 81 consecutive days writing letters to Nature. The letters take you on a journey through the history of agriculture, economics, religion and capitalism to the present day. Newling describes the values that have underpinned human endeavour and shaped our world.This book is a call to action for a new state of mind for the future, rooted in balance and respect.

Saturday 13, stand MO2 4pm.

Equilibiro - Linda Karshan - Art, Architecture and Sacred Geometry

By Richard Davey

Richard Davey, an author and advocate of ‘slow looking’ in a highly ‘instagrammed’ world, connects the artistic practice of Linda Karshan with the sacred geometry of Venice, Italy. Kashan’s drawings are the result of a slow meditative practice built around mind, body and breath working in unison, to create beautiful, minimal geometric patterns. Royal Academy writer Richard Davey masterfully connects Venitian history and ancient monastic rituals to the contemporary drawings of Linda Karshan, advocating the need to look at the world in slower and deeper way.

Saturday 13, stand MO2 2pm.

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